Finally! A REAL cartoon from me!

2013-04-25 12:38:23 by mastergloyd

I finally have an actual, real cartoon premiering today! Very excited, hope you all like it so you can vote and approve it! :)

Thanks for such a great rating everyone! You can also view the animation on YouTube at !

Also, check out the newest updates from Animals Are People, Too at !

Finally! A REAL cartoon from me!

Added to the Art Portal

2012-05-23 11:50:51 by mastergloyd

Hallo. Just wanted to say that I will be uploading artwork here on NG on occasion. Got an animation coming this way!

I just wanted to share with you a miracle that happened to me and my family today. We are truly blessed... Witness the miracle now!

Ok, ok, but seriously, something will be coming soon!


I'm Workin On Something Finally! But for now...

Something Coming Soon (hopefully)

2008-01-27 03:04:06 by mastergloyd

Hey! Wow, I can't believe you found my page! You don't understand, it's a miracle you're here! Anyway, I just joined here, so obviously I've got nothing up yet. But, I will soon if all goes well! Until then, check out the awesome cartoons I've been looking at and their authors in my favorites! The fate of the universe may depend on it.

Until we meet again...
Justin (Master)Gloyd